Rooh Mogra


The Rooh Gulab (Absolute Rose oil) is prepared by using the complex Hydro-distillation process from the fresh petals of rose flowers.


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Rooh Mogra/Motia which is commonly known as jasmine sambac is derived  by the extensive method of Hydro-Distillation. The extracted Rooh (perfume oil) is yellow in color and has a sweet, spicy scent this Rooh Mogra that we offer retains the magical odor of Jasmine Sambac . This attar has its roots to India and absolutely non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-toxic that make it perfect for skin and body.
Its seductive and enchanting aroma considered in most of the cosmetic products and perfumes. Since the ancient times, people often practice this Rooh to welcome or greet their guests by sprinkling this scented essential oil on them. This perfume oil is popularly known as Rooh Mogra, motia and jasmine sambac.Apart from its incredible fragrance, it is extensively practice to aid various respiratory ailments such as asthma and other chronic allergies.

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Manufactured By

Satyanarayan Chandra Prakash Gandhi, Naya Bazar, Ajmer, INDIA




Made in India