Verser Perfumery

Verser Perfumery est. in 2014 is the renaissance of one of the oldest perfumery and manufacturer of Indian Attars & Essential Oils. Our clients are some of the most eminent families & prestigious temples, Helping us in growing and satisfying fragrances needs around the world. Verser Perfumery is the essence of luxury on your skin.

We focus on our famous Heritage Collection, representing timeless elegance luxury while gently incorporating current trends. The personality embracing attars featuring the best craftsmanship & quality has inspired our customers around the world for so many years. Our brand remains silent in the background but actively plays a role.

Besides traditional methods, we are embracing new technology as well. Innovative distillation & extraction technology remains the focal point of the brand & distinguishes the brand from its competitors. Always open to ideas, we show how the ancient process of perfumery can be transformed into the unrivaled blends.

Verser Perfumery led by the 4th generation of its parent company and backed by more than 9 decades of excellence in its field. We remain a family business brand built upon artistic excellence, superb craftsmanship, trust, and relationship.