Rooh Khus


The fragrance which is obtained from the roots of Vetiver plant can be best described as sweet, earthy, woody, smoky. This attar is a powerhouse of energy which helps to keep everyone active and fresh. Verser Khus is most useful in summer as it has natural refrigeration property. It is 100% free from alcohol, 100% natural. The attar is a powerhouse of energy which helps to keep you active all day long. The Indian green vetiver is most useful in summer with its natural refrigeration properties.


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Ruh Khas is one of the most complex botanical extracts known to science. It is a mixture of more than a 150 sesquiterpenoid components – some still undiscovered. Ruh means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ in Persian and Khas is the word for vetiver in Sanskrit. So the term Ruh Khas literally translates into ‘soul of vetiver.” Vetiver is a perennial grass of the Poaceae, native to India. The name vetiver is from the South Indian language (of Dravidian origins) Tamil, which calls it vettiveru.
Ancient Indian inscriptions have listed vetiver as a favourite perfume worn by royalty. Vetiver is also an important ingrediant in ayurvedic science, where it is called Suganti-Mulaka which means ‘sweet smelling.’ Vetiver extract when presribed in ayurvedic medicine is called Sita-Mulaka (having cool roots) to cool the body by adding it to bathwater.

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Satyanarayan Chandra Prakash Gandhi, Naya Bazar, Ajmer, INDIA




Made in India