Parent Company

Satyanarayan Chandra Prakash Gandhi est. in in 1930 (Earlier Poonam Chand Nandlal Gandhi) is the parent company of Verser Perfumery which is inseparably connected with the history of fragrance & fashion. Every age has its unique style & taste due to the influence of art, culture, & innovation but, the distinctive aesthetics of Satyanarayan Chandra Prakash Gandhi have run like a tread to the company's history since its founding by Shri Nandlal Ji Gandhi. Honouring our heritage expertise in manufacturing we offer our customers the world's finest Attars and fragrances, completed by an exclusive selection of innovative rare raw materials in a bespoke customer experience. What started in Ajmer, India, with the founding of a company to producing pure Attars & essential Oils for Indian Royals has grown to become an internationally exporting fragrance house with a broad product portfolio serving elite, eminent families and prestigious temples around the globe. That is the reason that Eminent businessmen & artists rely on the exclusivity of our collection. Our products are made of the finest material that embraces the personalities & optimally accentuates its natural form providing a unique wearing experience.